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Ginny began her shooting career at the age of 14, after a hunting trip with her grandfather sparked an interest. She tried out for the West Springfield High School Rifle Team and immediately fell in love. Her sophomore year of high school she also joined a travel team, the Acorns, and began traveling across the country to attend matches. In Ginny’s senior year, she qualified for her first ever international matches and committed to attending West Virginia University, the top NCAA Team in the country.

Ginny’s first year at college was particularly notable, as in exactly one year she changed from wide eyed freshman to Olympic Champion. Through hard work and commitment to the mental game, Ginny ended up winning both NCAA Individual Titles that year, the first ever freshman in history to do so. WVU also ended up winning the Team Championship. Three weeks later, she won Olympic Trials as the underdog and started a whirlwind path to prepare for the Games. 


On August 6th, 2016, after a summer of international success, Ginny shocked the world by winning the first gold medal at the Rio Olympic Games. With grace and excitement, she returned from the Olympics to WVU to start her sophomore year in college.


Ginny’s collegiate career concluded in May of 2019 by graduating Summa Cum Laude with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, 12 All-American Honors, 4 NCAA Individual Medals, and 2 NCAA Team Titles. She also completed a TEDx Talk, “Winning the Olympics: A State of Mind”, and became a Rhodes Scholar Finalist.

After graduation, Ginny moved across the country to the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. She trains and competes there as a professional athlete now, with the hopes of earning a spot on the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Team. During this time, she also invented a new type of kneeling roll for shooting and excitedly filed her first patent! The kneeling roll is being manufactured and sold by her sponsor, MEC.


Ginny loves to compete and her favorite part is being able to do that wearing the red, white, and blue. She also loves to travel, public speak, and figure skate. As she continues to train full time, she is also using the one year Olympic delay to write her first book. 


Ginny would like to thank her family and coaches for all the support over the years. She also loves her fans and followers and would be honored if they contact her via email if she can support them in any way.

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